bad day^3

August 18, 2004

Things seemed pretty normal today when I got up. A little backpain but nothing so crazy that I couldn’t go to work. I get to work, nothing obviously on fire. I do some various and sundry things. Still nothing screaming out how bad it will get.

Right before lunch I find out we’re going to have another AC shutdown this week. I get to pick when, this time, from 6pm until 10pm or 6am until 10am. What a wonderful choice. Either way I’m at work later or earlier than I’d like to be. Still, this isn’t new, Facilities likes to screw us like this. Lunch was fine. Nothing traumatic.

For reasons I can’t even begin to understand, when I returned from lunch, my day, and my ability to cope with my day self destructed.

I was working on a few items, nothing of any mind-bending consequence, but I couldn’t get through them. Everytime I’d work 5 or 10 minutes on it, I’d be interrupted by something that either: didn’t amuse me or didn’t concern me. This happens a lot in my job, but today I wasn’t able to cope with it. As my ability to cope with it decreased my stress levels increased until I began to snap at people. I ended up realizing I was way beyond where I should have been when I blew up at someone in email and on irc for no real reason. (sorry, dag)

At this point I realized how deeply weird my day had gotten and that I needed to do something to break out of it.

I changed tapes, went home, took the girl to her belly dancing class and then sat down and hammered on yum for a while. I didn’t look at TV, I didn’t eat anything, I just made certain things in yum functional. One other thing I did: I sang, a lot. I tend to sing songs I know when I’m stressed. It’s odd, I know, but it helps me, sometimes.

All in all, it made me feel markedly better. I eventually got something to eat (The girl made these zuchini toast tomato tampenad(sp?) things. They were wonderful.) and I sat and watched an episode of angel, then went back to working on yum.

I don’t entirely understand what happened today. I don’t know why I got all tense, but I did and it’s completely unacceptable.

Nevertheless, I’m going to try to make tomorrow, not at all like today, if I can.

On the plus side, I did get the following things working:

yum [install|list|info|erase] should all work in yum-HEAD. I don’t have the makefiles doing anything interesting but I’ll do that before too long.

There’re lots of FIXME’s in the source and some of them will go away soonish, but now that transactions are running again, this brings me hope and happiness (or something like that).

As another fun data point:

I ran the same installation transaction and added some print time.time()’s to the code.

on the same machine, using the same repositories:

yum 2.0.X (current stable) took 30s to dep resolve

yum-HEAD (amazingly unstable) took 2s to dep resolve.

They both outputted the same results. 🙂


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