August 25, 2004

Lots of cheerios last night. mmmm. Ended up staying up until a stupid hour getting yum erase to do the right thing for virtual provides. It now works as I think it should. I’m sure there are bugs but it looks right.

Added the Fedora Rawhide Update reports to the aggregator. They look nice, but I’m sure there’s a fair bit of screen scraping going on to make them. But it’s not _my_ screenscraping so why not? 🙂

I honestly think that yum list recent could be enhanced to track old state, to look for changed/new pkgs and hopefully generate an identical rss feed from anyone’s very own yum.conf-configured repositories. An interesting place to try out if anyone is interested.

Intended to go to the dentist today. Went, in fact, was just an hour late, but I honestly thought I was on time. Oh well, rescheduled for tomorrow. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Made an eye appointment for monday, time to figure out why I’ve been feeling more bleary-eyed than normal.

Pushed a bunch of packages in place but it ended up being too late in the day so they’ll have to wait for tomorrow morning. I don’t like making releases of packages for duke’s internal distribution on fridays->sundays or after 4:30pm. I don’t want to leave someone in the lurch if their system updates in an unforeseen way.

Feeling reasonably good about lots of yum-HEAD working now. I really need to bite the bullet and fix the makefiles so other people can more simply break what we’ve written. 🙂

The girl and I ordered a chair this weekend. It’s a cushioned rocking chair and the ottoman. I can’t wait for it to arrive. It should be a dream to sit in. The only question will be the arguments over who gets to sit in it. Maybe we shoulda bought two.

Yesterday took me to the Animal Shelter with the girl. They had an open house for all their renovations. She volunteers there 5 days a week so I went to see all the new stuff that’s been going on. It was fairly cool. A lot more space for the dogs, especially. The most impressive bits were the other volunteers’ comments on the girl. They consistently said they were amazed at how much she comes out there and that she is the one who walks the most dogs. Which is true, she does walk a lot of dogs.


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