kingston trio

August 29, 2004

Progress, or so it seems!

Got my phone situation figured out. Killed cingular, switched back to Sprint, got the text notifications from email to work sanely. Reconfigured my phone, bought a new battery, and added new names. All in all, very productive.

Wrote the obsoletes handling code into yum. Fixed a braindead interface I had written quite some time ago and it finally got me in trouble. Looking forward to breakfast and more finishing up of my to do list on yum. I extended the list a bit to include somethings that should be hooked up just so people don’t get angry at me for disabling their favorite feature.

I’d just like to offer this caveat right now. If you find that something in the new yum doesn’t work exactly like it did in the old yum, please, do not scream foul at me. Report the problem. You might find the functionality has been moved. Or maybe renamed. There is some possibility that an option has been removed. But assume, at first, that the feature’s absence is not malevolence but an oversight.

Swanno: On your forever journey on the metro, you should think of the song M.T.A. performed by the kingston trio.


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