oh daddy, get offa your knees, mama why’d you have to go?

August 30, 2004

Damn, That’s what I call productive. Well, sorta.

It’s shocking how many side-issues I can accomplish while deftly avoiding something I know will be painful.

Things I accomplished in yum-HEAD today:

  • yum –installroot works
  • yum –obsoletes works
  • yum –rss-filename=foo.xml generate-rss works
  • yum update takes options, again
  • yum upgrade sets obsoletes on and continues
  • cleaned up lots of odd places where things broke when I’m stupid
  • fixed yum list extras, yum info and yum list obsoletes (though I’m not happy with the output)

Expanded the todo list a bit:

  • makefiles
  • sigcheck
  • log output post-transaction – filelog and console – this means make it happen and make it pretty/sane
  • clean up output for checking pre-transaction
  • Display obsoletes nicer
  • do something with download-only
  • write yum deplist pkgname/glob
  • yum importkey
  • write up the depsolver callback for better output for both gui and cli
  • Hookup the group functions

Fun huh? I’m sure there’s more to do, but this is a hit list I came up with while working today.

yum deplist should be fun. The gist is to find the package in the packageSack, then iterate through each of its requirements and find the package(s) that provide it.

Then list them out – something like:

yum deplist mypackage

mypackage requires:

foo.so.1 provided by libfoo-1-1.i386

/bin/sh provided by bash-1.0-1.i386 or bash-2.0.5.i386 or bash-3.0-1.i386

I think that would be useful, somehow.

Beyond that, I need to hookup menno’s Xtrigger stuff and then of course yum-queue.

But those are just nice things, not immediately critical.


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