yum stuff

August 31, 2004

As Jeremy said – yum 2.1.0 should be coming soon to a rawhide near you. Jeremy was kind enough to fix/recreate the Makefiles so that makes things a lot easier going forward. Yay, Jeremy!

So let’s make a laundry list of things that have changed/been added:

  • /etc/yum.repos.d exists
  • /etc/yum.conf can use include=url://some/other/conf now
  • uses the new xml repository metadata
  • dep resolution should be hugely faster now
  • Much better separation of functionality from interface, better for gui design
  • Stacking actions w/i a transaction should be completely trivial (ie: erasing and installing in the same transaction)
  • Much easier access to useful information
  • Newer and nicer urlgrabber

All sorts of other stuff I can’t think of. I need to sit down and make a full list, as well as update the changelog.


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