September 12, 2004

Been away from the blog for awhile. I’ve been in a lot of head down work and not terribly interested in writing anything other than email and my work.


Yum 2.1.3 is reasonably good but not feature complete by a long shot. CVS is looking good and there will be a 2.1.4 with an assortment of new features and bug fixes before very long. I thought it was going to be this weekend but I got some surprise guests who came into town and the centos work held over so no such luck. On the plus side I’ve narrowed down the things I need to do so I can target certain items. The transactionInfo classes I’ve worked on will be useful, I think for tracking state w/i a yum process. I’m kinda looking forward to implementing it even though it will mean chopping up a bunch of old code.

Yum 2.0.8 – released 2.0.8 – needed to be done an assortment of old bugs get closed and it works more-better for x86_64 using i586 and i486 (freaks) packages. It also fixes a number of things for folks in the Czech locale. Nice to have it out there as a closure to most development in 2.0.8.

createrepo – fixed misc bugs that have popped up since release in fedora core development tree. I need to merge yum-arch either into createrepo (unlikely) or into yum 2.1.3 to make it available for folks who need to run dual-use repositories.

centos – working with will dinkel and others on making centos 3.3 available. Finally got all the packages so they’re more or less a perfect match for rhel3u3. I need to make sure all the srpms match up and don’t cause any pain then buildinstall/splittree and release. Will has been working on the x86_64 tree and I think we’re looking pretty good. rpm -qpR and -qp –provides comparisons w/el3u3 are showing almost no differences. It’ll be nice to get that done as it will require some mirror site reorganization that should help for future rebuilds of centos.

Also am going to be working on a repoquery tool, hopefully with Panu and Paul to make it possible to query the repodata xml repositories via a command line tool to produce formatted output similar to what rpm/rpmquery does. The idea is to reduce the number of formats of rpm metadata kept in fedora. Currently there are 5: yum headers, hdlists, comps lists, xml metadata and rpmdb-fedora. This is a bit ridiculous.

yum-headers should go away with yum 2.1.X and above. Comps, once system-config-packages gets ported to a repodata backend can be 86’d and rpmdb-fedora, if we can implement repoquery, will be removed and just query the local repodata cache directly. It should be fast and spiffy and hopefully allow for changes to the typical reporting options used in rpm-based distros.

So, I’ve been a bit busy. All this in addition to my normal day job and of course trying to spend time with the girl so she doesn’t hate me. 🙂


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