So very tired

September 20, 2004

Saturday was kinda crappy. Woke up ok then I went to read my email and just got angry. I was feeling pretty put-upon and under-appreciated by a lot of people. I settled down but god I was not in a mood where others should be near me. I did realize one thing, though. Most freesoftware development is about masochism. ESR had it wrong, it’s not about fame, nor about ‘cred’ it’s all about wanting other, random strangers to abuse you via email, irc and bugzilla postings. Do not make any mistake about that.

Today was a pretty day. I woke up happily. Feeling good. It was bizarre. The temperature was comfortable all day long. I spent some time doing some misc items (like laundry) then worked on various things. I cleaned up silly grub splash screens on some machines w/ either no video or where it made the kernel output look like garbage. Then I worked on yum a while and cleaned up a lot of various little things. I noticed a place in the depsolver where I could save some time if A LOT of packages report the same requirement, However, I’m not quite sure _how_ to make that part faster without making the code MORE ugly. We’ll see. I need to sit down with it for a little while more. Moved a lot of other code around and cleaned up the rss generation scripts. I also worked on changes to the:

yum list [recent|obsoletes] commands

After that I need to write out the full depsolve progress callback into to give the user more lovely information. Then back over to fix yum search and yum provides. Then out to fix the logging. However, before I can do the logging ‘correctly’ I need to implement the work I setup last week. I’m kinda pleased about that part too.

Then it’s back over for group* re-implementation with the new metadata. This is not so much hard as it is interesting b/c I’m working with code I wrote about a year ago and I’m noticing lots of places where it should be a lot prettier.

Finished off a bunch of centos stuff today. Now that it’s done I can get back to merging all those changes back down to duke’s internal install and work on the FC2 changes as well.

And all this in addition to the FC3test2 mirror and torrent stuff. Never a dull moment around here.

I was forced to watch Hackers this weekend by my cruel and vindictive girlfriend.

I’d like to sum up this movie by this comment from the goofs page at imdb:

Factual errors: Generally ill-informed and ridiculous to the extreme regarding the capabilities and characteristics of computers, technology, and phone systems.

I think that says just about enough. 🙂

Oh and I confessed something to my girlfriend I don’t think I’ve told another soul. I’m one of the 4 people on the planet who have not seen Titanic. It’s really nothing against the movie. But I don’t think I can sit through 3+hours of Leonardo Dicaprio being himself or anyone else. Does this make me a bad person.

This entry has rambled for quite long enough, I think.


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