staying home is good to do

September 29, 2004

Stayed home and worked from here today. Probably in my best interest over all. I got yum 2.1.4 working and built some packages and tested some other things.

yum 2.1.4 should be mo-betta than 2.1.3 – a whole pile of fixed bugs in addition to yum search and yum provides working nicely. There are a couple of aspects of yum provides that I hate, a lot, but we shall persevere.

I need help with docs, now-ish. So if anyone wants to pick my brain via email and then write up docs on:

– new yum.conf options

– how the new metadata works

– new options, disabled options, etc

I’d LOVE to hear from you.

I’m also interested to hear from people who want to work on entirely new features that will sorta sit outside of yum. Specifically: yum-shell, yum-queue. Someone already submitted patches for a yum-downloader module. It’s just cool.

it imports goodies from the yum module then you can do:

yum-download foo.src

and it fetches you foo-somever-rel.src.rpm of the highest version from whatever repository.

It’s not trying to be hyperintelligent it just downloads a specific file which I can definitely feel as useful. The number of times I’ve needed a specific src.rpm and didn’t feel like going to find it.

And with the new yum package specification you can do:

yum-download foo-1.1-2.src

and get that SPECIFIC version, if it exists.

So much more stuff to do, of course, but some of it is fun.


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