October 6, 2004

So today is my birthday. This could be cool. I got some nice shirts from the girl for my birthday. And I’m told I’ll be taken out to dinner tonight. I got lunch from some friends today then had a long and rather good discussion about blog systems for duke. There are folks in the various IT groups who have seen the need for a blog tool for duke. And some of the work I did a few months ago on this idea may be handy in figuring out what to do.

Some other interesting ideas that came out of the discussion:

yum generate-rss updates

run this on many machines

have another tool that collects this information from those machines (however you’d like) and present you with a report for all your systems:

these 125 systems all have a python update waiting or a xorg-x11 update waiting. Etc etc etc. A way of reporting w/o necessarily having to have any type of server.

Also maybe modifying epylog so certain reports get pushed into certain rss feed categories so I can view certain categories of log reports for a bunch of machines via an rss feed reader.

Neat stuff, good conversation, lots of neat ideas. Some of them are crack, of course. 🙂

In case anyone cares. I’m 28 today.


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