Yum Status Report, et al

October 11, 2004

I checked in groupinstall, groupupdate, groupremove, grouplist and groupinfo this weekend. In addition, I fixed a couple of reasonably simple bugs. One of them I thought was going to take a lot of code to fix and then I realized I merely needed to move an if statement inside a loop and the problem would go away. Such a nice thing 🙂

Now I’ve got logs and reporting code to work on, among other things.

Ah, joy. 🙂

This weekend wasn’t bad. Friday night was low key which was good. Then on saturday, breakfast/lunch at this salad place called greentango – shockingly good. Next, to Blue Coffee for chai and hacking. Back from there, much lawn mowing on my part. At night we went over to Carburritos and enjoyed a lovely dinner followed by a trip to borders for music and reading material (Terry Pratchett has a new book out :). Much sitting on the sofa and watching cooking shows and whatever else we had handy.

All in all a nice saturday.

Sunday, brunch at Elmos, return for some more hacking, a nap, torrent and mirror syncing then torrent creation and mirror list updating for fc3 test3. Very exhilirating. One more food network show and another tasty salad from Wellspring and then more hacking.

Hacking accomplished successfully I treated myself to reading and bed before 2am.

Spiffy, huh?


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