it’s been a yum-full weekend

October 18, 2004

Friday night, I come home, we decide to go out to pops for dinner. I had a lovely broccoli rabe over pasta shells with reggianno cheese and baby portobello mushrooms. Then we finished with a nice homemade mint chocolate chunk icecream. So smooth and wonderful.

That was the beginning of the yum-full weekend.

Came home, watched a movie, relaxed.

Finished yum install /path/to/file.rpm sometime on friday or saturday.

Saturday I had lunch, picked up a pumpkin to make into a jack-o-lantern sometime soon and then came back and went back to work on yum and friends. First I closed out a lot of bugs. Then I went and I intentionally broke all the metadata and a lot of packages in a repository, just to make sure everything did what I expected it to do in those cases. It did well. Not perfect, but well. I fixed the places where it didn’t do well enough. 🙂

Wrote some new yum clean “stuff” functions to clean up for the metadata pickles, the xml metadata, packages and headers. Now they’re all nice and tidy.

Wrote a function to bail EARLY if you have gpgcheck=1 in your /etc/yum.conf but you don’t have any gpg public keys installed in your rpmdb. It bails and gives you a useful error message about what you should do to solve it. Hopefully, this will mean that gpgcheck=1 can be the default in yum.conf in FC3.

Went through the depresolution output callback with a bit of a flare of descriptiveness and tried to improve on what the messages said, what they looked like and when they happened. I think it looks much better (insofar as it is easier for me to debug. :))

Finally, I released createrepo 0.4.0 which fixes annoying bugs.

Now I may settle down and start making the mirrorlists for fc3-final.

So my weekend was full of yum. 🙂


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