repomanage among other things

October 21, 2004

I decided to write something some folks had asked me for quite a bit. It’s called – you pass it a dir and an option (–old or –new) and it will output either the old packages in that dir, or the newest packages in that dir (respectively)

it’s useful if you want to do things like: --old /some/place | xargs rm -f

to get rid of old packages in a repository.


for file in ` –new /some/place`


cp -a $file /my/new/distro/dir


to create a dir full of only the latest rpms.

It keys on name+arch so you’ll get the latest rpms of every arch and it’s dirt simple and maybe it will be useful to someone.


I also added a couple of two line fixes to yum this evening. Made it so mirrorlists can handle # comments and blank lines more gracefully. It didn’t have a problem before, it just didn’t ignore them nicely, like it should have.

Maybe it’s true, taking a nap when I get home does make me more productive. Or, maybe, it’s b/c it is almost 3am and I’m kinda awake. 🙂

note to the girl: click here


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