halloween summary

November 1, 2004

I received some great comments about my post about FC4 plans. Everyone was positive and interested in figuring out how to go forward. Which is cool. I’ll post more when there are things to move on.


I made a jack-o-lantern! I’m quite proud of it. Sadly, I’ve not made many terribly good ones in the past but I was feeling creative and I was fairly well rested.

Eunice and Rhea dressed up as something for halloween. I think they were goth hookers, I’m really not sure. 🙂

Kidding, of course, Eunice was dressed as Neil Gaiman’s Death.


I accidentally created a couple of minor bugs but I fixed them and now with a set of about 4 minor patches yum should be working reasonably nicely. 2.1.12 will hopefully not have any obvious paper-bag bugs.

I did another fc2->fc3 upgrade this weekend. It worked w/o pain. It’s a big shock, actually. I’ll post a link here and to the lists when I’ve got the docs together as I’d like.


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