More fun with DHL

November 15, 2004

In the continuing story of my wayward laptop dhl called this morning. My laptop is now in NC. It found its way, miraculously. They claim it has a sticker which says ‘only deliver on tuesday nov 16th’. I found this a bit hard to believe so I called the vendor. I asked them if they put stickers like that on and if so, why. The vendor said that not only do they not put anything like that on the box but they don’t even have the sticker. Now, seeing as the vendor already has my money they have little reason to lie to me. I also can’t figure out what motive they have to put a sticker like that on. So I’m inclined to believe them. This means that either:

  1. someone at dhl is cluefree
  2. someone at dhl is lying to their boss
  3. someone at dhl is lying to me

I’ll get the package tomorrow. I’ll read what it says on the box. Then hopefully I’ll either be greatly relieved or I’ll get to bring an enormous amount of pain to someone at dhl. Either way I go away happy. šŸ™‚


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