I love wireless insecurity

November 21, 2004

I’m sitting on the corner of Q and I think connecticut at a farmer’s market near dupont circle. It’s half past noon and i’m borrowing someone’s network access. Not sure where from but the signal is strong. The wireless at the hotel was abysmal and the hotel is nothing to write home about. However, we’ve done some good museum-ing and restaurant-ing. So the weekend is not a loss at all.

Heading over to the national archives here in a short bit and then meeting the girl at the spa in about 1.5hrs. Then off to alexandria, I think, to find knit happens. Then, if there’s time, off to galludet to see if they have a tour of some type. Then one more evening here and tomorrow I think to tyson’s corner for window shopping/real shopping, etc.

I’ve not hit a lick on anything so far this week and afaict, that’s a good thing. I’ll probably sift through bug reports and pain tomorrow night and separate out the crack-ridden from the merely drug-adled.

Hopefully have some time to spend on an 2.1.12, as well. I’m thinking 2.1.12 release which is mostly little bugfixes then implement the transactioninfo.py which will most likely break a bunch of things 🙂


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