More disturbing events

November 30, 2004

Last night I was fiddling with my camera. It’s a now-old canon s100. It has a cf card. The new laptop doesn’t have a cf-slot like the old one did and I didn’t want to find the pcmcia card adapter for it. So I find the usb cable. I plug it in. I turn it on. Boom, up pops a box telling me it found my camera and it noticed there are pictures on it. Then it asks me if I would like to import them. I say yes, I tell it where I’d like them to live and it imports them. It takes forever and a day b/c this is a usb1 device and well, it’s slow. 🙂

But then I imported the pictures and gthumb comes up to let me fiddle with them. I fiddle with them. I save them as a web album. Then I open up nautilus to where the pictures live. I click on my server link for the sftp connection to a machine that can write to my webspace and I drag and drop the album folder for the new pictures to my webspace directory.

That’s it, I’m done. And I never had to open a terminal at all. That was nice. Thanks to all the folks who worked to make that possible. I appreciate it.


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