Shopping Day

December 18, 2004

Off to find some xmas presents for various folks. I even have a list. Must hide list from the girl, though.

Worthy notes – I added a fedora (pre)extras rss feed to the infofeed page and that appears to show updates rather nicely.

I need to spend some quality time with yum finishing off the transactioninfo changes then the obsoletes fun.

But first – off to the APS and then shopping with the girl.

fedora aggregate blog feeds

December 17, 2004

So here’s my evil plan.

I think I’m going to split the non-people blog feeds out of fedora people and into fedorainfo feed. So we won’t have pages and pages of ‘pkg foo was updated’ in fedora people – and so the people who just want to know about news items and package updates can follow that feed.

In fact, I think I’ve done it:

I’m not sure I like how everything lays out and I know I need to automate some items quite a bit – but hey, it’s something.

Tell me what you think.

Well this is just cool

December 17, 2004

So I got an email today I didn’t expect at all. A while back I mentioned that instead of presents this year I’d be more inclined to see donations to the FSF or the EFF in my name. Lo’ and Behold, I got an email from the EFF that someone had donated some money in my name.

Which is just plain cool.

They did it anonymously. So I don’t know who did it but I’d like to say thank you. I assume you read this blog b/c well, how else would you know. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!


December 15, 2004

Luis enlightened me about all sorts of fun things today with calendars and evolution. First he pointed out This is a pretty cool site where you can access various calendars of events in the .ics format (ical standard). From firefox it includes a webcal:// protocol plugin. When you go to webcal://someplace/somefile evolution will offer to import/access the icalendar file. Then when you go into your calendar or click the time/date applet in your gnome panel you will see the entries related to this day. This all seems cool and potentially useful.

Evolution stores its calendar in .ics format, too, of course. Ditto with its task list. It doesn’t have any way of publishing this to a file somewhere outside of your ~/.evolution dir but at least it’s just a flat text file. So I copy the tasks.ics and calendar.ics from the two dirs and put them up on my website and tested it out. It actually works nicely.

You can see my tasks and my calendar. I don’t really update them much, to speak of, but I might start doing so more, now.

Might I also recommend the Lesser Known Holidays Calendar It’s exciting and fun, and always a good excuse to bake cookies.

While it’s not real calendar services it’s a useful bit of info to match up my schedule somewhere.

Sadly for real task lists I am bizarrely wed to paper and pen. I used to use my newton for my tasklists but it just became cumbersome to carry around b/c the newton is a touch heavier than I’d like it to be (Shut up Icon).

I’d love to see evo get exporter support for the calendar and task lists .ics files but in the short term scp works just fine. Though it’s sad, I’ve gotten to the point now where I’m using the nautilus sftp interface for lots of file transfers of individual files. Maybe I should figure out if I can use scp + zenity to add a ‘sync tasks and calendars’ button to my panel.

Enough about calendaring for now.

Fedora Extras Status

December 14, 2004

This is the Fedora Extras Summary information as I posted to fedora-devel-list last night:

Here is a status report:

  • cristian gafton, the technical lead of the fedora project, is working on making the build system ‘just work’. He’s trying to get it right and happy so things do what we expect. He tends to be less talkative than a lot of people might want but he’s doing a lot of head down work that, quite frankly, is painfully complex to do right.
  • cvs is open, commits are occurring, websites are up and people are fixing up packages. It’s a bright new day that’s vaguely foggy. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • many of the packages have been built and a pre-extras repository will probably be unleashed on the unwitting public very soon. (mark my words)
  • the other infrastructure bits that need to be ready first:
    • ‘extras’ gpg key for signing packages needs to be made
    • bugzilla needs to know about extras and about the package owners
    • extras needs to be dealt with vis-a-vis the mirroring systems
    • some release timing issues need to get worked out.

There is a smallish group of not-terribly-talkative people working on these problems and, believe it or not, they’re making some headway.

I’ll post more as I know it/come across it. And I’ll post more and a little more detail soon.


btw: patience is not one of my virtues.

Sheer Unabashed Laziness

December 13, 2004

What excuse do I have for not posting? None, Well, not really. Worked on yum and createrepo a bit, visited somewhat malignantly by my grandparents, slothed, built a lot of packages graciously provided by others. Felt positively productive, sorta.

To do:

I did some online xmas shopping, all good. I’ve got a lot more presents to find. I need to finish some edits to createrepo and maybe put out a test release of yum 2.1.13 with the transactioninfo code in place.

Got 3 items to rack up in the server room as well as setup the new primary smb server (and netatalk, truth be told) for physics. I will hopefully be able to get a couple of other server machines in for linux@duke and maybe order a couple more for them, too. Just gotta find the money.

I’m a little confused about what to get people for xmas. Some people, no trouble, I know what they want and I got it. Others I got help from the girl with ideas. Then others I don’t have any idea what they want. Frustrating.

I have a couple of odd things I want for christmas. I’d like to get a few tshirts. Some of the simple ones like I always get. A few new pairs of socks b/c some of my old ones are wearing out. Maybe a pack or two of boxers and then, if anyone is planning on getting me anything else I’d be most inclined to have someone make a donation to the EFF or the FSF or $other_good_cause_not_religiously_or_politically_affiliated in my name. I don’t need additional stuff. If there is stuff I want I tend to buy it. But I wouldn’t mind having my name on a list of donors. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s not something I can hold in my hand (well the eff will give you a schnazzy hat, but that’s neither here nor there) but I’ve got lots of misc ‘stuff’ I could do without. I should probably get this info out to my mom before she does anything drastic and buys me something I don’t need. ๐Ÿ™‚ (well, except for the tshirts, but they’re only $18 for a pack of three so I’m not too worried.)

I watched The Red Violin with the girl today. That was nice. She’d never seen it and I’d forgotten portions of it. I enjoyed the music more than I did the last time.

Woke up this morning about an hour earlier than normal. Ran to the bathroom and found that I would not be going to work today. Very ill in uncomfortable ways. No fun. The girl was sweet enough to take care of me with much rest, gatorade and saltines. Still not 100%, and I’ll probably not be eating very much for the next couple of days as I slowly get back to a place where my body hates me less.

Did some fun work on yum, realized I will probably have to do some not-fun work on the exactarch mechanism and the obsoletes pattern. Going to be fun dealing with older versions of rpm and multilib obsoletes.

We got a christmas tree sunday night. It’s a little tree but a nice shape and tastefully decorated. ๐Ÿ™‚