Sheer Unabashed Laziness

December 13, 2004

What excuse do I have for not posting? None, Well, not really. Worked on yum and createrepo a bit, visited somewhat malignantly by my grandparents, slothed, built a lot of packages graciously provided by others. Felt positively productive, sorta.

To do:

I did some online xmas shopping, all good. I’ve got a lot more presents to find. I need to finish some edits to createrepo and maybe put out a test release of yum 2.1.13 with the transactioninfo code in place.

Got 3 items to rack up in the server room as well as setup the new primary smb server (and netatalk, truth be told) for physics. I will hopefully be able to get a couple of other server machines in for linux@duke and maybe order a couple more for them, too. Just gotta find the money.

I’m a little confused about what to get people for xmas. Some people, no trouble, I know what they want and I got it. Others I got help from the girl with ideas. Then others I don’t have any idea what they want. Frustrating.

I have a couple of odd things I want for christmas. I’d like to get a few tshirts. Some of the simple ones like I always get. A few new pairs of socks b/c some of my old ones are wearing out. Maybe a pack or two of boxers and then, if anyone is planning on getting me anything else I’d be most inclined to have someone make a donation to the EFF or the FSF or $other_good_cause_not_religiously_or_politically_affiliated in my name. I don’t need additional stuff. If there is stuff I want I tend to buy it. But I wouldn’t mind having my name on a list of donors. 🙂 It’s not something I can hold in my hand (well the eff will give you a schnazzy hat, but that’s neither here nor there) but I’ve got lots of misc ‘stuff’ I could do without. I should probably get this info out to my mom before she does anything drastic and buys me something I don’t need. 🙂 (well, except for the tshirts, but they’re only $18 for a pack of three so I’m not too worried.)

I watched The Red Violin with the girl today. That was nice. She’d never seen it and I’d forgotten portions of it. I enjoyed the music more than I did the last time.


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