Fedora Extras Status

December 14, 2004

This is the Fedora Extras Summary information as I posted to fedora-devel-list last night:

Here is a status report:

  • cristian gafton, the technical lead of the fedora project, is working on making the build system ‘just work’. He’s trying to get it right and happy so things do what we expect. He tends to be less talkative than a lot of people might want but he’s doing a lot of head down work that, quite frankly, is painfully complex to do right.
  • cvs is open, commits are occurring, websites are up and people are fixing up packages. It’s a bright new day that’s vaguely foggy. 🙂
  • many of the packages have been built and a pre-extras repository will probably be unleashed on the unwitting public very soon. (mark my words)
  • the other infrastructure bits that need to be ready first:
    • ‘extras’ gpg key for signing packages needs to be made
    • bugzilla needs to know about extras and about the package owners
    • extras needs to be dealt with vis-a-vis the mirroring systems
    • some release timing issues need to get worked out.

There is a smallish group of not-terribly-talkative people working on these problems and, believe it or not, they’re making some headway.

I’ll post more as I know it/come across it. And I’ll post more and a little more detail soon.


btw: patience is not one of my virtues.


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