December 15, 2004

Luis enlightened me about all sorts of fun things today with calendars and evolution. First he pointed out icalshare.com. This is a pretty cool site where you can access various calendars of events in the .ics format (ical standard). From firefox it includes a webcal:// protocol plugin. When you go to webcal://someplace/somefile evolution will offer to import/access the icalendar file. Then when you go into your calendar or click the time/date applet in your gnome panel you will see the entries related to this day. This all seems cool and potentially useful.

Evolution stores its calendar in .ics format, too, of course. Ditto with its task list. It doesn’t have any way of publishing this to a file somewhere outside of your ~/.evolution dir but at least it’s just a flat text file. So I copy the tasks.ics and calendar.ics from the two dirs and put them up on my website and tested it out. It actually works nicely.

You can see my tasks and my calendar. I don’t really update them much, to speak of, but I might start doing so more, now.

Might I also recommend the Lesser Known Holidays Calendar It’s exciting and fun, and always a good excuse to bake cookies.

While it’s not real calendar services it’s a useful bit of info to match up my schedule somewhere.

Sadly for real task lists I am bizarrely wed to paper and pen. I used to use my newton for my tasklists but it just became cumbersome to carry around b/c the newton is a touch heavier than I’d like it to be (Shut up Icon).

I’d love to see evo get exporter support for the calendar and task lists .ics files but in the short term scp works just fine. Though it’s sad, I’ve gotten to the point now where I’m using the nautilus sftp interface for lots of file transfers of individual files. Maybe I should figure out if I can use scp + zenity to add a ‘sync tasks and calendars’ button to my panel.

Enough about calendaring for now.


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