progress progress progress

January 11, 2005

So progress is being made all over. Let’s see where we are:

FUDCon (Fedora User and Developer Conference) is taking shape. Looks like the feb 17th and the 18th over at MIT during and right after LWE in Boston. We’re getting people and schedules together. It’s a little impromptu right now but Jack and Colin and Greg are bringing things to fruition. Right now, I’m committed to heckling the package management discussion/session that Paul and Jeremy are going to be doing. So this is good. Looks like there will be some private/closed sessions where we’ll be having some governance discussions too. That’s probably for the best. I was a lurker in the governance discussions and, well, let’s just say they were a bit heated at times. 🙂

(Pre)Extras: There’s some talk about blessing (Pre)Extras as Extras and just trying to continue with building things as we’re going. But on the plus side some stuff is getting built and the world looks nice-ish and I really like the rss feed of the results. I’m going to try some new stuff sometime this week with the builds to see if I can make them a bit prettier. Wish my x86 build box didn’t suck so much, it’s a pain to wait on it. 🙂

Yum: I committed Menno’s patches to import gpg keys and check them out – it’s pretty cool. Gijs is working on an sqlite db for storing and getting info you’ve imported from the xml metadata. This could mean memory footprint down and access time down. All good things afaict. Paul has been working on the Pup work for FC4 (in between suffering from rpmio fun (Sorry Paul)) so I’m hoping that pre-FC4 tests we’ll have something to show for yum frontends. I’ve committed a handful of changes on my own fixing various bugs.

Centos: Lance and Company have been churning out 3.4. It looks like a lot of folks have jumped on board helping maintain packages and making sure things stay current in Centos. This is all great. Donovan has been doing docs things and web things. Some crazy people are building ia64 and s390 rebuilds for Centos 3.4. There are some people out there who apparently like Itanium. 🙂 It’s nice to see all the centos stuff move along.

Knitting: The girl is progressing apace on the scarf I’ve been promised. It looks spiffy. About 3-5 feet in the center in black and two gray sections on either end. I’m a vaguely monochromatic guy, though maybe I’ll ask her to put a big orange section on one end. I like orange. Socks may be in my future as well. Only Time will tell!

Work Productivity: I’m trying something new to see if it helps my productivity. I’m going to try to dedicate days to one of my jobs at a time. So, monday and tuesday could be physics-only, then wednesday and thursday linux@duke only then friday is clean up or yum-only, or something like that. The idea is to do only things related to that portion of my job on those days and to actively avoid getting sidetracked. Neat idea huh? Think it’ll work? I’m not sure. I just started today and it was VERY HARD to keep from drifting off to something tangentially related but definitely in the “other job” area. We shall see.

Dog: I’ve more or less taught her ‘up’. This means jump up on the nearest high-ish object and sit. She’s actually not bad at it, provided she’s not distracted. Her attention span sucks though and she needs to learn to stay a lot better but, well, who knows. It could happen. I emailed a dog behaviorist and trainer about her. I might be taking her over there and see if I can improve the consistency of her compliance with my requests. I’ve found she seems to be happier and more jolly when she’s being told what to do and rewarded for doing it.

See, all this progress! It’s uplifting. Sorta. Watch it all go into the crapper tomorrow. 🙂


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