Look at all the accomplishments

January 12, 2005

Despite the naysayers, we had a lovely irc-based meeting today to discuss the agenda and schedule for FUDCon. It looks terribly exciting, but it seems I’ll have to come up with something to talk about with Paul and Jeremy for the package mgmt session.

Working on buildroots on centos/el and found I could conserve a machine with that process. Quite pleased about that. Need to finish playing with the x86 buildroot on x86_64, see if that works. If so I can conserve two machines, and maybe a bind mount away from other fun.

Been cleaning up linux@duke systems this week. Fix little things that got dropped or missed on them. Trying to reorganize them and update old versions of stuff where I can. I have a couple of boxes there that are utterly ancient that will probably be given a relaxing retirement. Right now I’m trying to decide between getting one box in a rack case or two boxes in mini towers with some spare money we’ve been given. The problem is the same as always. Racks scale for space and mgmt better but when money’s tight it’s convenient to buy a couple of $500 machines to build/serve files/whatever on.

Speaking of $500 machines – I noticed apple’s half-cube. It’s pretty spiffy looking. I can see how these will be nice home machines for people. My concern is, as always, that people will use them and like them and put all their precious data on them, and never back it up. Then, boom, no more family pictures. I think the form factor the macmini is perfect for someone to produce a unit in the same dimensions that includes two hw-raided sata devices that connect via usb2 or firewire. With 3 lights. One that’s power, and two others that show if either of the drives have failed. With simple package kits you can pick up at best buy or wherever to replace a failed disk. I know it’s technically do-able. The question is, is it affordable and would anyone think to do it for home use. I would love to have a raid1 device that I didn’t have to think much about for home use. I know _I_ could make one, trivially, with sw-raid at home. But this isn’t about me, it’s about the average person.

The new coarse-grained scheduling of my time is doing okay, so far. I’ve gotten a lot of misc things knocked out, it’s still hard, sometimes to not drift off target, but it’s not bad. Tomorrow is a physics day so I get to play admin all day long. Hope I can keep from working on the pre-extras and the server setups for linux@duke. Anyone at duke wanna hire me to just do one of my jobs? 🙂

The EFF thing just keeps getting cooler. I got a bumper sticker and a letter in the mail today from the EFF. It said “Fair Use has a Posse”. Very cool and very funny. Thanks again to my anonymous donor.


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