House of Flying Cliches

January 16, 2005

We had a nice evening out. Hung out with Jess having pizza at pepper’s then off to see a movie. We decided to go see House of Flying Daggers. It has subtitles b/c all of the spoken parts are in chinese. The movie starts out well enough. Lots of pretty scenes. Fairly, straightforward plot. Nothing overtly ridiculous. Normal, chinese martial arts look-he-can-distinctly-defy-gravity-in-ways-where-s/he-clearly-doesn’t-have-the-force-or-direction-to-do-so. I’m used to seeing that in these films and it’s kinda cool. The story goes on in the obvious directions. I’m starting to see a theme though. It appears that all characters of only crying out of a single eye and only one tear drop at a time. It must cascade down their face and glisten against their cheek. I’m guessing this was an imperative issued by the corrupt government they keep talking about in the film. Okay, so we get toward the end. The girl has, apparently, been killed by her freaky-women-in-green-mumus-crossed lover. He’s a spy and she falls in love with a spy for the other side, etc etc etc. So she’s apparently dead. The guy she really(currently?) loves comes to avenge her and finds the guy who has apparently killed her. They get into the epic battle, blah blah blah. So you know the bit in movies where the director wants to convey that a lot of time passes? They often will show it in pseudo-time-lapse as fall changes into winter – a snow covered field. Well this occurred in the film, except that our boys we’re fighting the whole time. So my first thought is: “oh, this is to convey that they’ve fought for a whole season”. Then I wonder: “maybe it’s just to convey the coldness and bleakness of the world now that she’s dead, or some such thing”. Either way – a snowstorm kicks in and covers this field/mountain are in a deep, deep snow. If you remember the storms from “The Day After Tomorrow” then you get the idea. So our boys get to the penultimate point in their battle. They both run each other through. And for a moment I think “damn, they’re going to be stuck that way, unable to fall down, locked in their death blows.”; which, could be a nice closing. They die, she dies. They’re forever frozen on this icy plain, yadda yadda yadda. It’s a Chinese flick, everyone’s gotta die tragically.

But nope. They’ve just been impaled but they pull apart, stagger away from each other. Then the guy we don’t really like all that much, he has one of these spiffy flying daggers that they’ve been throwing all through the movie and he knows how to use it. He gets ready to throw it and kill the guy we kinda like. Now keep in mind, at this point I’m of the belief that either:

1. they’ve been fighting for a REALLY long time


2. they’ve actually been fighting so long that the seasons have changed.

The girl, whom everyone thought was dead, gets up and assesses the situation. She has one of these spiffy daggers sticking into to her heart (more or less). Now, my ability to suspend my disbelief is just about done. It seems, though, I’m not alone. The whole audience is laughing at her rising up from being dead for what has felt like about 3 months.

So, She prepares to pull it out to use it to stop the guy we kinda don’t like from killing the guy we kinda like. The guy we kinda like tells her to not do it b/c if she takes it out, then her blood will spill out of her body and she’ll be REALLY dead. As he’s saying this the rest of the audience is giggling b/c we’re fairly convinced, now, that she can’t die. That no matter what she’ll pop right back up, feisty little minx that she is!

I won’t tell you how it completely ends but I felt for certain that someone was going to turn out to be someone else’s daughter or cousin and that’s why, all along, they couldn’t be in love. You know, just to complete my game of movie cliche bingo.

I liked Hero, I liked Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (more or less). I think I’ve reached my fill of chinese flying-martial-arts action/drama films for a little while. I’ll be happy to see something like “eat, drink, man, woman” instead.


Lots of work on yum and createrepo this weekend. I merged in Menno’s GPG pubkey importing routines. He’s enhanced them some over this weekend so more merging for me! Actually it’s really cool, he’s made some great advances with the gpg importing stuff. Gotten it to the point where I think most everyone will be happy with it for key verification purposes. I made a bunch of changes to how the configuration variables are parsed and in what order. If a repository isn’t being used, suffice it to say, it won’t ever download the mirrorlist. Something that had annoyed a number of people. I also merged in patches Terje Rosten that cover a couple of TODO list items. Very spiffy, those. I’ve been getting a number of good patches for yum, recently. Not just good in that they do interesting things but also good in that they’re not dirty hacks. They do the right thing and they typically do it in the right place. It’s cool. After I merge in a couple of more changes and Menno’s new patches I’ll probably release 2.1.13. This will probably be a bit dicey at first but it should fix up a number of bugs people have found. Then for 2.1.14 I’d love to be able to see if Gijs’ sqlite db storage routines work and can speed up startup time for yum. We’ll see.

Paul has started working on Pup which should force me to further refine the callbacks and correctness of the yum code and point up other places where I’m doing things inefficiently. It’s nice to have work going on around yum, it shows me places where I need to fix more things.


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