Yum progress

January 20, 2005

Things that have gotten done:

– Merged in Terje’s patches which really make the output look nicer, especially for people downloading hundreds of packages.

– Merged in Gijs patch to the depsolver to make one section search packages that are what we’re looking for, not ALL packages.

– Merged in all of Menno’s gpg public key handling code – now yum will import keys, if you have them specified. It prints out the Key ID and info and asks you to confirm. It will also never import the same key twice. It’s very spiffy code.

– Put in a fix in the depsolver code that’s been outstanding and a little hard for me to replicate until recently. Now it looks like it is working.

– Proxies can be set per-repo now, properly. I need someone with a proxy to properly test this code but it looks right

– Enabled the reget functionality in urlgrabber so now if you’ve already downloaded half the package and you restart it, then it will just continue downloading it from where it left off. However, there’s no way to check if the part you’ve already downloaded is ‘correct’ or not so it will assume it’s correct. Then at the end, it will gpg and checksum check the file. If it fails the checksum and the file size is >= the expected file size then it will delete the file. Seems only fair – no other way to check out the content. And the first person who says ‘use rsync’ gets smacked.

– mirrorlists are now only downloaded if the repo is enabled.

– fixed up some issues with command line order processing with -c and –installroot.

– made it possible to use the groupid from the group metadata, instead of the ‘group name’ to install groups by.

– implemented the transactioninfo code I’ve talked about before. I don’t love everything about the implementation but it’s a good place to start and I think it will make for better output and handling of transaction sets. Now to convince Menno to merge in Xtrigger.

So many more things to do – and so little time to spend on them. Oh well. A few more days of internal testing and then I’ll either put out a daily release, if I think it needs it, or I’ll call it 2.1.13 and release that. We’ll see.


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