Escapism at its finest!

January 24, 2005

I left town this weekend. I skedaddled. I skipped out. I got the hell out of dodge. Went to Asheville and Johnson City with Eily to see the Floating Men play a few shows. I’ve been listening to this band for 8 years now. It’s kinda weird. We drove up on friday afternoon. Got in to the hotel. It was nice, reasonably comfy. It had the world’s smallest bathroom, though. Off to get food at the Laughing Seed then for extreme chocolate at the Chocolate Fetish. So far so good.

To the show at the grey eagle. The band played well to a not terribly large crowd. Then for what would really be the third set they came down onto the floor and sat about 3 feet away from Eily and me and played all acoustic for a while. The drummer played a chair. And, for the official record, though I was not fast enough with the camera, Jeff did, in fact, dance, in a very interesting fashion. It was cold in there but a nice evening once I got a good tea at the bar.

Back to the hotel, crash. Wake up several hours later, checkout and decide to spend the day shopping and other things. Breakfast of an omelette at beanstreets in downtown. Very pleasant. Off to Tops for shoes to go boot shopping for our dear boot-deprived Eily. She obtained these lovely specimens after dealing with a salesperson who was maybe just a touch too cool for his own good.

Back to the Chocolate Fetish for some more chocolate and then skirt shopping (Because after you have those boots you have to have a skirt!). Misc other shopping and pointing out to Eily places I had been or installed antennaes or other such things when I was in Asheville. Then up to the Grove Park Inn to show what a really serious hotel is all about.

About this time we decided we were once again hungry from all the walking about and we went back to downtown to eat at Salsas. I was not disappointed by the fare, nor have I really ever been.

Off to Johnson City for the second show. A couple of false starts on the journey due in large part to me not remembering how the hell to get there from asheville. 🙂 Once on the right road we were confronted by a great deal of fairly fierce snow. However, after much skilled driving on Eily’s part (and some fortuituous plowing by the NC road crews) we made it to the hotel and then the show. This show was a much larger crowd full of people from all walks of life, including, as we learned by watching her dance, someone who clearly makes or has made her living dancing professionally, say, for lots of 1 dollar bills? She never disrobed but not just anyone can dance like she was dancing. It was impressive if a bit out of place.

Eily hung out and talked to the Drummer (Steve Ebe) about her Brother (another drummer). Both the aforementioned drummers live in Nashville and Eily thinks they should meet and exchange (sorry, pun) notes.

Back to the Hotel. Crash. Wake up several hours later. Pack, grab road food, skedaddle back toward durham. I arrive, promptly get very sleepy, but happy to be home.

Much email to sort and things to do but these things will all come to pass. I’m just glad I’m not in the Northeast, and yet, I will be, in about 3 weeks.

Pictures from the trip


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