What a special weekend

January 31, 2005

Boy, it was just special. I worked on some s3kr3t projects and added some not-quite-crack code to yum. Suffice it to say those people who have been craving

yum install /some/file/provided/by/something

can stop jonesing.

I also updated the xml/package/repodata/repomd webpage a little bit. I’m trying to avoid getting any more friendly, wholesome, loving, family-oriented bug reports.

I worked on simplifying the build process for packages going into (pre)extras. I want to see extras happy and built for fc3 and ready for fc4test1 by linux world. That’s sorta its very own deadline.

Cori appears to be back to her normal self. She’s jumping on things and frolicking in the ways she normally does. The girl is knitting up a storm – my scarf is starting to look like a scarf:

It’s all very exciting.

Also she has begun a cape-like thing for cori. It looks like it could be pretty cute. Also the way cori has been coveting our dirty clothes pile I think she’d like something like this to wear around.


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