February 3, 2005

Yes, I can now say this is not pseudo-progess it is actual, honest-to-$deity

1. Extras is open, f’real, completely, sactioned, ratified, blessed, what-have-you. Click on ‘EXTRAS’ – that’s got the stuff you crave. We’ve got all sorts of packages and stuff in there now and it’s actually kinda useful

2. CVS account creation for !red hat people are being made again. wooo hooo!

3. FUDCon is all ready to go. We have a place, we have things to talk about. All we need now is people to show up and talk to each other. And maybe pick up a fine tshirt or two provided, graciously, by the nice folks at Red Hat (thanks to Greg D. on that)

See, bonafide progress of sorts.


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