FC4 test1 and repoclosure.py

February 5, 2005

Elliot announced that fc4test1 would be freezing soon. And he gave us some very warm

“I would fall in love with you all over again if you did your part to make sure the tree was installable and free of broken dependencies & conflicts by Valentine’s Day (Monday, February

Now, I always want Elliot to be in enthralled with me so it occurred to me that we could check for dependencies from the metadata.

So I put together a script to do that. It’s called repoclosure.py. It just goes through all the packages in a set of repositories you tell it and makes sure that something else in that repository can provide for the requirements of the packages. If it can’t find a provide for a require it tells you which package it is and what it needs. So we can check repositories, or a set of repositories, for dependency closure.

It uses the yum modules and your yum caches to do all the work.

If you just run it w/o any arguments it looks in all of the repos you have enabled in your yum.conf:

if you’d like you can also pass it a list of repositories you’d like to check:

repoclosure.py development extras

repoclosure.py base updates-released updates-testing

That’s really about it. So now for rawhide and the test series you can harass your favorite packager about broken deps in his/her packages.


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