FUDCon shuffle

February 12, 2005

Getting ready to shuffle out of durham for richmond then from richmond to boston. Packing sucks, as always, but it’s going to be nice to be somewhere else for a week. Watched Garden State with the girl last night – a fantastic movie. I can see why it did so well at sundance. Looking forward to some of the FUDCon discussions this week in much the same way I look forward to going to the dentist: I know it’s good for me but god I kinda dread it.

Need to work on my slides and yum on the plane, though it’s a short flight. Hopefully my laptop will be less flaky. 🙂 I upgraded to rawhide about 3 days ago and things have been a bit, umm, odd at times.

It will also be nice to possibly be on a little less ridiculous sleep schedule. I went to bed at 4:30am on thursday night/friday morning and woke up at 8:00am friday morning to go to the vet with cori and then to work. I’ve been doing a fair bit of that recently and it wears you out.

In home news the girl made a positively DIVINE banana almond bread. It was so soft and so moist, it was almost pudding but w/o that disconcerting texture of pudding. Very nice. Kinda looking forward to valentine’s day roaming around boston with her in search of bridesmaids dresses for a friend of her’s wedding she’s in. I’m odd in that I enjoy shopping with women for their clothes. I can’t stand to shop with others for clothes for me but I’m actually quite skilled at picking out clothes for others. Feel free to ask current and past girlfriends as well as female friends, I’m l33t in clothes selection and style, when it comes to others.

For myself, however, I tend toward the jeans, comfortable, simple tshirt style. Oh well.

okay, away for a while, maybe more yum information soon.


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