Week in review

February 20, 2005

Monday was spent in lovely shopping-on mode with the girl. Much trying on of clothing and acquiring of misc items. I even bought a pair of pants. Later I made it to linuxworld and successfully navigated the gauntlet known as the registration desk. It was quite possibly the least well-designed registration desk organization I’ve ever seen.

Tuesday: I made it to linuxworld at a reasonable hour and made my way around the various booths. Settled for a bit at the fedora booth and tried to figure out what else needed to get done for fudcon. Journeyed to Paul’s house for Karaoke revolution which was shockingly fun to play

Wednesday: more of the above – linuxworld, answering a lot questions, talking to folks that I wanted to speak to about various items, taking some abuse, the usual. Ended up grabbing vietnamese with Jeremy and Kara at Pho Pasteur that night. Good stuff. Thought about going to the google party then relented and decided to crash in for the evening. From what I was told that was a wise decision the google party was sub-par.

Thursday: All day in meetings on fedora, it was mildly excruciating. Got a lot of things accomplished and a whole fistful of things decided to be done. We’ll see how many of those things happen in the coming week and what repercussions they will have if they don’t get done. Out to dinner with a huge chunk of the fedora people. Went to an israeli place, pretty good. It was fun watching Warren be confused about the food. Apparently mediterreanean food is fairly uncommon in hawaii.

Friday: Up bright and early, really early considering how late I stayed up finishing my slides. Met folks at the right place, was reasonably clean and mostly conscious of the world. Got to BU in time, set things up, got some of the stuff together. All in all fudcon ended up being a good turn out and while everything did not go smoothly it could have been a whole lote more horrible than it was. We finished cleaning up everything around 6:30ish and I trekked back in the artic cold to the hotel. Met with the girl, had a fantastic meal at henrietta’s table in the charles hotel. I slept nicely w/nothing to worry about.

Saturday: Got up on time the next morning and was off to the airport then to richmond. Pleasantly surprised that offline mode in evolution worked almost entirely as I expected it to. So I got a bunch of emails answered on the plane then sent when I got into richmond. This was nice. Drove home on saturday my dad was already here and my brother was playing golf over at unc and doing fairly well (2 over par).

Sunday: up at a fairly silly late hour and slept wonderfully. Nice brunch/lunch at elmos followed by some work. Built all the packages that had accrued in the previous week in Extras’ wiki. Planning on doing a little more yum work tonight. Would love to get a chance to fix up a few more bugs and put out a devel release.

This week bodes interesting. New boss, a bunch of meetings about linux@duke and the potential for a lot of things to get weird. Here’s looking forward to a significantly screwed up set of weeks to come.


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