house window shopping and tables

March 6, 2005

So as an update on my entry from late last night: we’ve bought a table from ecko. Simple, 6′ x 3′ table. Large beams for the leg posts, very stable and reasonably priced. It should show up on Thursday.

But before that, we saw two open houses. The first one was beautiful. Arranged beautifully, taken care of, good separation between your living areas and your guest/public areas. The backyard was simple but with a fenced area that was perfect for a small to medium sized dog. All in all wonderful. The master bathroom had a big bathtub and a separate shower. The bathroom had huge windows on it that were private to the rest of the house and neighborhood. So you got light in but it was secluded from public view. It was too big, really and just a completely silly price but it was fun to look at it and get ideas of what things we like or not.

The second house we saw was, well, it was different. It was built in 1969 and that was the last time anyone touched it, I think. The appliances were all original and you could tell. They had an intercom system in the house that was just newer than a vacuum tube mechanism.
Everything felt like it had been stuck in the past. Except for one bathroom on the main floor. This room was woooooooooshed forward into the future to be designed by George Jetson. It was green/cyan with silver ‘floating’ rings around the sink and bright gold faucets. I’ve seen less gaudy things in rap videos. Then, we went upstairs where the deep pile carpeting got worse. It changed from a mild offwhite (excluding the dining room, we shall not speak of the dining room) to a horrible almost beige then into a most unique mauve/purple. But you can’t stop there! You also need light purple walls to match. Then, b/c this house is 3 stories, we went to the basement. The basement is, umm, unique. It’s all diagonal wood paneling VERY dark with granite floors. It also has a tiki-lounge wet bar adjancent to the porn-set swimming pool. Finally, there is one room that we could only imagine is the interrogation room. Cold cinder block walls painted a horrible shade of blue (yes, there are horrible shades of blue, at least in this room). It was shaded from the outside I think only to give the detainee some misbegotten hope of their own survival and eventual freedom from this place.

We ran, we did not walk, out of this house. I felt sorry for the realtor. If they knocked another 70K or 80K off of that house I could see buying it, gutting every room and paying for the exorcism. However, even w/as much space as it has you couldn’t hide from the bad-taste-poltergeist for long.

So it was a day of contrasts. Isn’t that nice? 🙂


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