so sleepy

March 14, 2005

So very sleepy but I should write something useful/ish before I go to bed:

  • surprise party/present for icon went over well, I think, it was fun lying to him, I’ll have to do it more often
  • new mach+yum packages. They’re really only work on rawhide and fc4test1 but I’m planning some backports to yum 2.2.X to make them work on earlier items pre-sqlite-db-work.
  • Walked a fair bit this weekend and it didn’t feel bad. It was nice outside and I enjoyed being out w/o wearing seven layers of clothing and gloves
  • Was amazed this weekend at the sheer lack of simple, solid-color journal/notebook items that will fit easily in a pocket. It’s astounding – I can fine 8000 different froo-froo colored and decorated books but if I just want a simple black one in a specific size I’m SOL.

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