One week and other BNL songs.

March 29, 2005

I can look through much of my week by flipping through my moleskine and seeing what I wrote down to do or remember to do, or fail to remember to do. I’m getting better about remembering to write in it and I’m trying to take it with me everywhere. It’s been handy, though now I’m thinking I need a little not-quite-pocket-book bag for carting around misc stuff like this, though I think it fits nicely in the side pocket of my laptop bag and cmon, when am I w/o my laptop. 🙂

My brother runs an 84 Lumber store north of Atlanta. He stopped by my house in Durham on the way up to Richmond to see my dad for his birthday. I showed him an article in dwell about green roofing systems and he saw the bit about graywater reclamation in there. So, he called me on monday to see if I could look up any other items about graywater reclamation for him. Evidently, a builder down in Atlanta calledt is building minimal-environmental-impact homes. The builder was looking for vendors for these single-unit graywater systems. Graywater is non-potable water that runs down your drain during a shower or down your sink drains. The water is perfectly usable for other things like watering your lawn or flushing the toilet so there’s no point in just dumping it in the sewer with the toilet runoff. So you capture it, filter it a bit, pump it onto your lawns and use it to flush your toilets. Anyway I found some cool info on it at which, despite having an annoying domain name, is not a bad site. So I found some good info for my brother and I added a bit more trivia to my wealth of trivia. It could also be useful one day if I want to build a house (which it seems more and more likely to be the only way to find a house I don’t loathe in one way or another).

Monday went away with the normal yum and fedora extras head-butting. I think I may have beaten up mach+yum in there a bit, too.

Tuesday: I gave a talk to dulug about linux@duke and what things are going on there. Small group but I had a shockingly good time talking to some of the folks about the reasons I care about open source. More and more often these days my reasons seem to be less the prevalent reason for people getting involved in open source. I genuinely think that open source is promoting freedom. Not just software freedom but general freedom. It’s unwrapping us from gov’t and corp controls and showing people that you CAN do things on your own. That people, independent of established organizations can organize themselves around goals and that we shouldn’t let anyone tell us we can’t do that.

Wednesday: I synced up the new mirror box and got it ready to go live. Now, I just need to give it its new ip, talk to the red hat folks about adding it to the sync lists and switch it on. We’re using lighttpd right now. I’m kinda curious how well it will work under the serious loads that this box normally sees.

Thursday’s highlight was probably CLAC. Spent the time discussing the virtues of mailman vs sympa for mailing list work. My biggest objection to sympa was the 60+ perl modules required to run it and the unbelievable complexity involved in configuring it. Then comparing that to the development process and batteries-included standpoint of mailman and python and the current dev plans for mailman 3.0. It seems like it’d be a better idea to wait for mailman 3.0 and maybe help with development than go chasing after sympa and the never-ending string of modules. (remember, those modules have their own deps and sometimes sympa needs newer versions than what your distro might provide).

Came home later that evening and pulled up the little rabbit fence surrounding the girl’s garden patch. muahahaha!

Friday: Spent some time writing up responses for buildsystem automation for fedora extras. We’ve got a meeting for Wednesday to talk about package status tracking. Once that gets bottled up a bit we can start tying in the buildsys code into it so I can stop building all this damned stuff! :). Watched Finding Neverland and The Incredibles in the evening. Both fantastic movies.

Saturday: off to the hardware store to acquire new fencing, new fence posts and other implements of destruction. Built new fence for the girl for her garden patch and increased the space it has available to it by about double. It looks great. Now she has to tear the ground up a bit to make it usable but much progress on the gardening front. I also sat down and moved through all the exactarch-as-a-list-of-pkg-names code. It was a lot simpler than I thought it would be which makes me suspicious that I screwed it up somewhere. So far all the tests I have for it show up correctly, so if I messed it up, I’m not sure how. 🙂

Sunday: Brunch at Elmo’s then hacked the hell out of the yum shell. I added in all the basic items. It’s not ultra-configurable but I think it allows configuration of the items that really matter. Then I implemented Michael Favia’s designs for the transaction listing output for yum. Some refinement still left to do but on the whole it seems like it’s getting there. Rearranged the furniture in the bedroom and looked at what things need to go to goodwill.

Today: Spring Cleaning! Well, filesystem spring cleaning. About this time of year every year I purge old crap from my dirs and I seek out and purge users from systems. It’s fun! Got rid of an enormous ton of users that have been missing for > 3yrs from one set of systems. It’s just grand. Preparing for migrating a server to not-quite-as-crappy old hardware. I really hope oit makes a decision sometime in this year, it’d be nice to get new, real, hardware for linux@duke.

Whew. That was long but I think I accurately described my week, well, at least if you follow along in my notebook. 🙂


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