May 4, 2005

I’ve been in a buildsystem cone of silence. I’ve been working on making the build system automation for fedora extras happen and I’ve not felt like talking to anyone. Luckily, I got things doing some of what they need to be doing now so I’m going to speak to others. 🙂 Mostly, I’ve been working on making it so people can request builds without me being involved in anyway. 🙂 I feel quite happy about that, in fact. Right now the buildsys will spawn jobs on different hosts based on arch it needs and it communicates between hosts using xml-rpc. There’s currently the requirement of a shared filesystem for writing out logs and the rpms to but I might have a few ideas on how to get rid of that part. I’d love to make the build system work w/o caring where the build hosts are, as long as their accessible by http(s), but for the moment I’ll settle for working w/o me involved.

I’ve been neglecting other things while working on the buildsystem mostly b/c I don’t have that much free time and normally yum eats up most of it. But I needed to get this stuff rolling and I’m feeling reasonably good about it. I’m sure I’ll get lots of people emailing about how the code sucks and that it will fail in the following 20 different ways but it’s nice to have something that appears to work as I planned it to work.

There’s still a lot to be done for the future. Jeremy has a point the cvs-based build queue isn’t going to work forever, simply b/c of conflicts and what not, so we need to get something happening that uses the users .fedora.cert file for authentication to request a build. That should allow for a bit more atomicity and much easier accountability.

I need to spend some quality time making up the new yum releases and answering all my backlogged email about yum and fedora. I’m a bad person. I’ll get to it soon enough. Just a few more test runs and we’ll see if I can keep it from blowing up.