Is it Raining? I can’t feel the rain but it sure looks like it.

May 18, 2005

Work today was less painful than yesterday. I didn’t have anyone trying to make me feel crappy as a tactic, which is good. I talked to some folks that I trust, got some checks on my sanity and actions and made some progress. In short, I wasn’t entirely in the right in being pissed off yesterday, but I wasn’t entirely wrong, either. The meeting I had to be in went forward and it doesn’t look like things will be that bad.

On the plus side my resume is coming together reasonably well and I should have something to send out to various places and get an idea of what the market for an enterprising young man, such as myself, looks like. 🙂 It’s astounding how much stuff has changed on my resume in the last 6 years. Just astounding.

I realized, also, while looking at jobs that are posted out there that I definitely want to get a job where I’m able to work on yum and continue pursuing fedora. I started working on yum b/c of my job but I’ve continued working on it b/c it matters to a lot of people and I’d like to do more.

Fedora has gone from “we need this for work” to “Damn it, this is going to succeed come hell or high water”. That and I like the idea that Fedora feeds directly into what comes out as RHEL (for evidence of that do a package list comparison between FC3 and RHEL4).

So I guess it means I’m going to be picky about any job that might be out there. That’s hardly shocking but it makes any search a bit more complex. Oh well, no harm in trying.


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