rant and time away

May 21, 2005

Annoying radio show:

Listening to some ridiculous radio show this morning and became quite irritated very early. The show was suggesting that happiness and optimism was healthier and therefore much effort should be exerted to achieve this state so one might live longer. No comment was given to the state of the world and that some of the depression that a great deal of people in this and other countries are going through could be caused by a general malaise about how fucked up things have truly gotten. It seems to be some depression is appropriate. Moreover if you are depressed by how completely buggered things are then it might be a better course of action to work to fix it rather than solely focus on improving your state of mind. There are some people who cannot do anything about the state of the world. They are too disenfranchised, too worn down, too unempowered to do anything. But this radio show was on NPR, it was going out to mostly liberal white americans. This is a class that has disposable income and it SHOULD have enough sense to do something about the sorry state of things. Alas, not enough people are. We’ve been hung up on making ourselves happy and never got through the whole thought that maybe we aren’t happy b/c things are so brutally unfair for so many people. I’m reminded of Utah Phillips who was commenting on being a pacifist: “As a white male growing up in the late 20th century I come into this world ARMED TO THE TEETH”. It’s not enough to be a pacifist, it’s not enough to be nonviolent you actually have to work against the weapons you bring with you. In order to achieve justice you have to be working against the privilege and benefits you rode into the world with. You have to use the weapons you have to remove the powers from yourself and your class to acheive fairness and justice. It matters. I think this is one of the many reasons I spend so much of my time working on open source projects. In some small way it assuages some of my guilt about being as privileged as I am. And maybe that makes me a bit happier about the world.


I’m going away from the computer(s) for a few days. So if you’re looking for me – email, don’t look for me on irc.

Misc things:

Some fun stuff accomplished: – someone suggested that they thought fedorapeople should be available as its own subdomain in the ‘planet.*’ genre of things so http://planet.fedoraproject.org.

And I finally upgraded and updated the torrent server for fedora and friends so: http://torrent.fedoraproject.org.

I also found myself able to help out gnome in much the same way but I figure you should see luis for that information.