vacation and resume

May 27, 2005

So the girl told about the vacation time far better than I could. Needless to say it was nice to be away. Coming back sucked but that’s just b/c I had N things to catch up on where N is an integer that increased geometrically every few minutes today.

I finally got a new edition of my resume done, which is always nice, even got some comments on how to make it better.

In the fedora world it sounds like we’re going to be branching FE4 soon and making development truly rawhide again. Which means I need to segment some time off and do:

  1. a new yum release for 2.3.3 and 2.2.2
  2. all the misc patches for createrepo
  3. mock 0.2 release
  4. merge mock into the archwelder code properly
  5. setup new build sys code that dcbw has been doing and see what breaks
  6. centos 3.5 release for duke
  7. fc4 prelim work for duke internal
  8. all this while also banging my head on all the physics summer projects

We’ll see what I can actually get done.


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