Fedora Extras Status report

June 1, 2005

I’ve heard some very confused rumors about what builds fedora extras in the last couple of weeks and I wanted to dispel them some.

  • Fedora Extras is all built manually: False! Nothing is being built manually. ALL the builds go through the buildsystem. No one is issuing any rpmbuild commands directly. The process is automated. It’s not the prettiest thing, yet, but damn if it doesn’t seem to function. The only part that’s manual is to gpg sign and push the packages – but that’s manual in every buildsystem I know of.
  • The buildsystem fails on some packages on x86_64 b/c of i386 packages installed. This is sadly, sorta true. It’s a goofiness with a few packages and the code already exists to solve this for the future. It’s utterly simple to fix and I hope that soon after FE4/FC4 release we’ll get this one dead, forever.
  • The whole thing is run out of my office: True! I, apparently, enjoy pain and noise: Also b/c I was the only person who had all the boxes lined up and on good bandwith to get it done at the time they needed to start working. Many thanks to Debbie Suggs at OIT for finding me a g4 when I needed it.

So there you have it folks – the truth about the fedora extras build system. We’ve made a lot more progress than you might have thought and heck, as jeremy mentioned, we’ve got a fair number of packages in there.

Speaking of that: did everyone see that we branched for FE4 and I even sync’d the initial set of packages up.


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