June 4, 2005

So we made the first release of yum-utils today. It’s 0.2 and it’s available in yum’s download dir. It’s got a great set of tools in it and I think those people who have ever complained to me about some crack^Wadvanced feature yum needed that I balked at will find these extremely handy. From the readme:

— Introduction —

Yum-utils is a collection of utilities, plugins and examples related to the yum package manager.

If you encounter any problems using these utilities feel free to send an e-mail to the yum mailing list:


If you have created an utility related to yum and you’d like to look into getting it included into this set please e-mail the yum-devel mailing list:


— Description of the utilities —


Check for unneeded packages and dependency problems in the system. (also cleans up old kernels)


Check for dependency problems in repositories.


Look up oldest or newest packages in a directory. Can be used for cleaning up repositories for example.


Query packages and groups in repositories similarly to rpmquery.


Generate RSS feed from repositories.


Install build dependencies of source RPMS.


Download packages (and optionally their dependencies) to arbitrary directories without installing them.

— Authors —

Various people have made a contribution to this collection:

– Gijs Hollestelle

Maintainer of yum-utils, author of yumdownloader and package-cleanup

– Seth Vidal

Maintainer of yum, author of repoclosure, repomanage and repo-rss

– Panu Matilainen

Author of repoquery, yum-builddep

– Sean Dilda

Author of the update on boot init scripts

So I’m clearly kinda happy about this and I hope yum-utils will show up in fedora extras real soon now.


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