round 2

June 9, 2005

Today was markedly better than before. The meetings in the morning didn’t make me think about creative ways to kill myself or others and that’s always a plus. I was greeted by what could only be consider extremely positive news about the power outages scheduled for this weekend and then the interviews in the afternoon didn’t cause obvious, excruciating pain. Still not sure what I’ll do if I’m offered that job. There’s neat things that could happen working there and there are some extremely crappy things that could happen, too. Gotta love it. Either way duke’s going to be looking for a senior linux administrator/programmer. It’s just a matter of where they end up sitting.

Bought a new moleskine today while out to dinner. I like those things a lot. This is one of the bigger ones, gonna try to keep it on my desk at work for making longer lists and whatnot. We’ll see how that works out. I’m flipping into the second pocket-sized moleskine but this one has graph-paper pages rather than normal ruled pages. They’re a touch smaller lines so I’m curious what impact it will have on my handwriting. Can’t make it much worse, I hope.


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