finds of the day

July 31, 2005

In reference, to the girl I was busy feeding my pen/paper fetish.

Found some neat items along the way:

moleskinerie – for people who are WAY more obsessed than I am.

hipster pda? – back to basics. Though the term ‘hipster’ makes me want to hurl.

templates for the hpda – print them out 4up and you can add them into a pocket-sized moleskine easily.

hpda websurfing – b/c after all my goal is to print out as much crap as possible then promptly throw it away.

This is the pen the girl was referring to the barista mentioning at padgett station. Click on more photos to see exactly how sexy it actually is. I bet it weighs about 300lbs though.

In other interesting news the rss feature in bugzilla now has let me do this: open yum bugs rss feed. You have to use curl to download and ‘filter’ it to use it in liferea but it lets you see, reasonably quickly, new bugs. Unfortunately it doesn’t contain as much content as I’d like.

Thanks to Dan Williams and his work on Plague and to Jeremy Katz and his work on the makefiles system in cvs and the setup work on the build boxes in red hat’s colo for fedora we now have the buildsystem up and running with 3 x86/x86_64 build machines and 1 ppc build machine. And if you haven’t noticed yet it REALLY makes a big difference in the build time having all those boxes run. It’s fantastic.

This is almost exactly what we’ve been gunning for about 6 months. And we’re finally there. That’s a big chunk of the infrastructure piece for making sure builds happen. It’s really quite pleasing. We had to go through a lot of gnashing of teeth and rending of fabric to get there but at least it happened.

Yes, there are problems. Yes, there will be downtimes but hopefully nothing insurmountably long.

I just wanted to say thanks for the folks who made the buildsystem stuff come together and I’m sorry it was down for as long as it was. Just a bad confluence of rather unfortunate moments.

buildsystem stuff

July 28, 2005

It’s 5am and I finished up a couple of items I’ve been trying to get done.

  • Buildsystem client docs: these docs will help you setup the plague-client on your system and let you query the buildsys as well as submit jobs, kill jobs, requeue jobs, etc.
  • All the FE3 and FE4 jobs that could build have been submitted, built and pushed. So, excluding rawhide and some broken builds we should be caught up for all the backlog of builds. rawhide will get caught up once we can install rawhide again. 🙂

Other items:

  • The buildsys status page has been purified for spam-culling addresses. Before It had now it just blanks out on the @ like red hat’s bugzilla does.
  • Installed the new test theme for the fedora wiki. It was written by Hrishikesh Ballal on a design of Diana Fong’s. It looks pretty good. As soon as the rest of the pieces come together we’ll be able to put up the new site design. It looks purty

the days of pain

July 25, 2005

Was up late on saturday night playing buildsystem-bitch. Kicked off all the new builds and went to bed. Woke up to some problems but a lot of builds actually completed.

Went to the airport in Ottawa. Flew to Montreal. Deleted/read/etc a lot of mail on the plane. Evo syncing worked remarkably well. Waited on bags to be taken through customs in Montreal. Noticed that our bags didn’t come through. Waited a while longer. No bags. Was told: “you need to hurry to get through to your plane!”. So we left, went through customs without our bags. Was told to file them as missing in DC when we got there.

Got to DC, still no bags. Filed them as missing despite the person in DC trying to pass the buck back to the people in Montreal. Went out to find the car. Couldn’t find the car. Eventually found the car. Headed back to Richmond to pick up the dog and some misc stuff we left at my parents house.

Made it to Richmond after a couple of traffic delays. Tried to get dinner, most places were closed. No dinner. Got road munchies and headed to Durham. Travel to Durham in the dark of night listening to the rest of Harry Potter Book 6 on cd. I’d already finished reading it a few days earlier but I really like the audio recording.

Made it to Durham. It was 11:30 or so. Stumble into the house, unpack remarkably little bags because, of course, we have no bags other than our carry-ons. Wash the clothes I’m wearing because thats more or less all I have. Call the airline grumble at them a bit. They swear our luggage has been found and will make it to our house tomorrow morning. I think they’re lying, a lot. Decide to crash, hard, in bed more or less exhausted.

So all in all I flew for about 4 hours yesterday then drove for another 6 hours. On the plus side I did get some therapeutic crying in listening to the end of Harry Potter 6. If it seems like I’m a bit out of it, I am. I’m recovering from a week of sorta-missed work bordered on both sides by an unbelievable amount of driving. Ottawa itself was nice, getting to and from there was not.

If you’re waiting on a response on email from me, well, wait a bit longer, I’m sifting through it all.


July 18, 2005

apparently I pissed off one of the various travel deities b/c we’ve had a helluva weekend.

Drive to Richmond goes okay, listening to Harry Potter book 6 on the way.

Get to richmond around 5ish and the girl notices that we’ve forgotten our pasports and we kinda need them. My dad and I hop back in the car and drive back to durham, get our passports, and drive back to richmond. Get back around 1am and my mom explains that there is road construction on 95 and we should expect 1-1.5hour delays. So we map out an alternative backroad route to dulles airport. Ends up the construction ended on sunday so we didn’t need the alternative route. Driving up to Dulles goes without event.

Toronto is under construction so we had to walk 30 or 40 miles to get to the next terminal.

Onto the next plane and onward to ottawa. Get to ottawa, the girl gets her checked bag. I, on the other hand, do not. So I file the lost bag report and go to the hotel, planning to do some clothing shopping soon.

It’s unbelievably humid in ottawa and that’s saying something considering I live in North Carolina. 🙂 So, we get to the hotel where they seem to think we should have been there a day before. Oh well, they deal with that and we move along to get some food. However, the place I was most hoping to go was closed, just today, for renovations. So we went elsewhere and the day finally started to improve after much frustration. We got a bubble tea then headed back to the room to read and sleep. My baggage showed up at 1am and hopefully tomorrow will be less crappy.

Physics job

July 18, 2005

So I finally got a job description written and approved by all the right people for the job I’m leaving in the physics department.

If anyone is interested/feels up to sending me a resume – email the address at the bottom of the description.

We’re trying to expedite this process a bit.

Job news

July 8, 2005

So I worked out most of the problems and concerns I had with the job at oit and I’ve communicated by acceptance of their offer. I’ve given what ends up being 3 months of notice to the physics department (yes, a huge amount, but they deserve it and I wouldn’t feel right otherwise). I’ll be taking about a month off to try and reclaim my sanity and some happiness and then starting at oit October 3rd.

What does this mean for linux@duke and all of the things we do here? I hope it means good things. Being the hopeful guy that I am it means:

  • more of my time focused on this task
  • newer, better, spiffier hardware and a replacement cycle for it

I’m going to try to make things work out well.

So everyone who can, wish me well.

yum down*

July 2, 2005


yum downgrades are a scary proposition. The only exception to that would be if all downgrades had to be completely manually driven. This is b/c if you let downgrades occur as part of any old command then you run the risk of yum automatically downgrading a package for a dependency reason and downgrading a user into a security problem. Currently there is no metadata storing security information or comparable “secureness” of any given version of a package. So there’s no way to tell what you might be getting the user into.

About downloading: just like with metacity it seemed best not to overload yum with a bunch of unnecessary options that would confuse new users and would take time and effort to maintain going forward. I mean, afterall, if you want a command line file downloader there’s wget and curl. Again just like with metacity a lot of people think that argument is full of shit. 🙂 Therefore we have yum-utils. On your fedora core machine run: yum install yum-utils.

then take a look at what is in the yum-utils package.

I think yumdownloader is what you’re looking for.

good luck