yum down*

July 2, 2005


yum downgrades are a scary proposition. The only exception to that would be if all downgrades had to be completely manually driven. This is b/c if you let downgrades occur as part of any old command then you run the risk of yum automatically downgrading a package for a dependency reason and downgrading a user into a security problem. Currently there is no metadata storing security information or comparable “secureness” of any given version of a package. So there’s no way to tell what you might be getting the user into.

About downloading: just like with metacity it seemed best not to overload yum with a bunch of unnecessary options that would confuse new users and would take time and effort to maintain going forward. I mean, afterall, if you want a command line file downloader there’s wget and curl. Again just like with metacity a lot of people think that argument is full of shit. 🙂 Therefore we have yum-utils. On your fedora core machine run: yum install yum-utils.

then take a look at what is in the yum-utils package.

I think yumdownloader is what you’re looking for.

good luck


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