July 18, 2005

apparently I pissed off one of the various travel deities b/c we’ve had a helluva weekend.

Drive to Richmond goes okay, listening to Harry Potter book 6 on the way.

Get to richmond around 5ish and the girl notices that we’ve forgotten our pasports and we kinda need them. My dad and I hop back in the car and drive back to durham, get our passports, and drive back to richmond. Get back around 1am and my mom explains that there is road construction on 95 and we should expect 1-1.5hour delays. So we map out an alternative backroad route to dulles airport. Ends up the construction ended on sunday so we didn’t need the alternative route. Driving up to Dulles goes without event.

Toronto is under construction so we had to walk 30 or 40 miles to get to the next terminal.

Onto the next plane and onward to ottawa. Get to ottawa, the girl gets her checked bag. I, on the other hand, do not. So I file the lost bag report and go to the hotel, planning to do some clothing shopping soon.

It’s unbelievably humid in ottawa and that’s saying something considering I live in North Carolina. 🙂 So, we get to the hotel where they seem to think we should have been there a day before. Oh well, they deal with that and we move along to get some food. However, the place I was most hoping to go was closed, just today, for renovations. So we went elsewhere and the day finally started to improve after much frustration. We got a bubble tea then headed back to the room to read and sleep. My baggage showed up at 1am and hopefully tomorrow will be less crappy.


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