the days of pain

July 25, 2005

Was up late on saturday night playing buildsystem-bitch. Kicked off all the new builds and went to bed. Woke up to some problems but a lot of builds actually completed.

Went to the airport in Ottawa. Flew to Montreal. Deleted/read/etc a lot of mail on the plane. Evo syncing worked remarkably well. Waited on bags to be taken through customs in Montreal. Noticed that our bags didn’t come through. Waited a while longer. No bags. Was told: “you need to hurry to get through to your plane!”. So we left, went through customs without our bags. Was told to file them as missing in DC when we got there.

Got to DC, still no bags. Filed them as missing despite the person in DC trying to pass the buck back to the people in Montreal. Went out to find the car. Couldn’t find the car. Eventually found the car. Headed back to Richmond to pick up the dog and some misc stuff we left at my parents house.

Made it to Richmond after a couple of traffic delays. Tried to get dinner, most places were closed. No dinner. Got road munchies and headed to Durham. Travel to Durham in the dark of night listening to the rest of Harry Potter Book 6 on cd. I’d already finished reading it a few days earlier but I really like the audio recording.

Made it to Durham. It was 11:30 or so. Stumble into the house, unpack remarkably little bags because, of course, we have no bags other than our carry-ons. Wash the clothes I’m wearing because thats more or less all I have. Call the airline grumble at them a bit. They swear our luggage has been found and will make it to our house tomorrow morning. I think they’re lying, a lot. Decide to crash, hard, in bed more or less exhausted.

So all in all I flew for about 4 hours yesterday then drove for another 6 hours. On the plus side I did get some therapeutic crying in listening to the end of Harry Potter 6. If it seems like I’m a bit out of it, I am. I’m recovering from a week of sorta-missed work bordered on both sides by an unbelievable amount of driving. Ottawa itself was nice, getting to and from there was not.

If you’re waiting on a response on email from me, well, wait a bit longer, I’m sifting through it all.


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