buildsystem stuff

July 28, 2005

It’s 5am and I finished up a couple of items I’ve been trying to get done.

  • Buildsystem client docs: these docs will help you setup the plague-client on your system and let you query the buildsys as well as submit jobs, kill jobs, requeue jobs, etc.
  • All the FE3 and FE4 jobs that could build have been submitted, built and pushed. So, excluding rawhide and some broken builds we should be caught up for all the backlog of builds. rawhide will get caught up once we can install rawhide again. 🙂

Other items:

  • The buildsys status page has been purified for spam-culling addresses. Before It had now it just blanks out on the @ like red hat’s bugzilla does.
  • Installed the new test theme for the fedora wiki. It was written by Hrishikesh Ballal on a design of Diana Fong’s. It looks pretty good. As soon as the rest of the pieces come together we’ll be able to put up the new site design. It looks purty

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