buildsystem stuff part two

July 29, 2005

Thanks to Dan Williams and his work on Plague and to Jeremy Katz and his work on the makefiles system in cvs and the setup work on the build boxes in red hat’s colo for fedora we now have the buildsystem up and running with 3 x86/x86_64 build machines and 1 ppc build machine. And if you haven’t noticed yet it REALLY makes a big difference in the build time having all those boxes run. It’s fantastic.

This is almost exactly what we’ve been gunning for about 6 months. And we’re finally there. That’s a big chunk of the infrastructure piece for making sure builds happen. It’s really quite pleasing. We had to go through a lot of gnashing of teeth and rending of fabric to get there but at least it happened.

Yes, there are problems. Yes, there will be downtimes but hopefully nothing insurmountably long.

I just wanted to say thanks for the folks who made the buildsystem stuff come together and I’m sorry it was down for as long as it was. Just a bad confluence of rather unfortunate moments.


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