finds of the day

July 31, 2005

In reference, to the girl I was busy feeding my pen/paper fetish.

Found some neat items along the way:

moleskinerie – for people who are WAY more obsessed than I am.

hipster pda? – back to basics. Though the term ‘hipster’ makes me want to hurl.

templates for the hpda – print them out 4up and you can add them into a pocket-sized moleskine easily.

hpda websurfing – b/c after all my goal is to print out as much crap as possible then promptly throw it away.

This is the pen the girl was referring to the barista mentioning at padgett station. Click on more photos to see exactly how sexy it actually is. I bet it weighs about 300lbs though.

In other interesting news the rss feature in bugzilla now has let me do this: open yum bugs rss feed. You have to use curl to download and ‘filter’ it to use it in liferea but it lets you see, reasonably quickly, new bugs. Unfortunately it doesn’t contain as much content as I’d like.


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