is it ok to hate the word ‘wiki’?

August 7, 2005

I got the fedoraproject wiki setup using moinmoin. It took a little bit of reading and then guessing at some config variables but the groups are setup and editing/creation is restricted to a group of people who are registered and verified. It’s not too hard but it was a bit harder than it should be to figure out how to do it.

I’m not opposed to the idea of a wiki, it seems laudable and functional, especially for documentation. However, the word bothers me on some bizarre emotional level. I can’t describe it. It feels silly to refer to something as a wiki. (This, of course, coming from the guy who named a program ‘yum’, so grain of salt, please). Anyway the wiki configuration isn’t too hard now that I grok a bit of how it functions. It still boggles my mind why moinmoin doesn’t have an sql backend as an option. It would seem a natural recourse.


A little annoyed that the mozilla updates came out without so much as a peep from the packager(s) that a significantly-sized update has been released and if you’re using galeon from or any other add-on repository you’ll most likely need to rebuild it. We’ve got to figure out some way to get packagers to send notices and to make sure people see them. Otherwise people’s systems may break b/c of a not-so-tested package update and be completely vulnerable or broken and not know why or what happened.

So, how do we fix this? Some mechanism for:

  • Using package ids to correlate to update information and storing this information with the metadata
  • querying this metadata from packaging tools and webpages
  • Making submission of this update information trivial and reasonably painless for the packager

If anyone wants to spend any time on this, it wouldn’t be that much code to write, actually. Email me or drop a message to fedora-devel-list.


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