crossposting, sort of

August 8, 2005

I’ve been writing more in a paper journal mostly to improve my handwriting but also as an experiment. It’s mildly excruciating b/c my writing is so much slower than my typing, especially when I’m really moving along. So it’s a bit frustrating to keep it tidy. It’s probably good for me, then. 🙂 So much of the below is sorta like a cross post.

Out shopping for some of today. Tried on many shoes, wanted to kill most of the providers of said shoes. I suspended the leather moratorium for the purposes of finding something livable to walk around a great deal in. I found a couple of shoes I could have probably lived with but my ambivalence to my moratorium was showing and I resisted buying them due to my thoughts that I would feel extremely guilty about it later. (yes, I am weird, I know). I think I have made a deal with myself to find a shoe with the least amount of leather I can come up with or one that, at least, doesn’t LOOK like leather (as useless of a distinction as that is). Back on the topic, I found a couple of shoes I liked but either they were unavailable in my size or after looking at them with some detail I realized they were …. umm …. ugly.

So, I explored for a while. I clicked ‘buy’ on one pair after selecting the color and size I wanted only to find that:

1. they don’t have them in both the size and color I wanted

2. they don’t make them anymore so I can’t even order them.

Ah the joy of having large feet and ethical standards.

I’m completely envious of the girl. She wears a 7 – 7.5 and is pragmatic in her shoe fabric selection. She found a delightful pair of shoes this weekend and was overjoyed by them.

I believe I will find shoes, someday, I do not know what they will look like or who will make them but I swear I will find them. Thus far I’ve looked at: keen, merrell, born, birkenstock (oh my god could those be any more expensive?) and ecco. I am quite tired of searching for shoes and I know I irritated the hell out of the girl today when I kept saying ‘no’ to almost everything she brought me.

I did, however, settle on a new bag for carrying my stuff around in. I ended up getting the tom bihn large cafe bag. I measured it and measured my laptop+sleeve and everything should fit in there w/room to spare. So, this is all good and hopeful, or something.

On the computing side of things I made a list of items to do before yum 2.4.0 and then I proceeded to knock each one out in what was a shockingly short time period. There’s only one item remaining and it will probably not get done before 2.4.0 mainly b/c it requires testing that I can’t do. It has to do with proxies and as is always the case with proxies, it is excruciating.


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