fun couple of days

August 14, 2005

Friday was good b/c I received my rotring freeway pen in the mail. Quite pleased about that and I’m also impressed with the new fountain pen for the girl. So, it’s been fun to have a new pen.

Then we spent a good part of today teaching the girl how to ride a bike. She did remarkably well considering how poorly she claimed the last attempt was. It took about an hour and she was able to keep herself balanced most of the time. She needs to work on turning and keeping consistent but I really think the bike we rented is making some of it a bit harder. It’s a good enough bike, don’t get me wrong, it’s just not well-suited to a first time bike user. Nevertheless she has persevered and I think that she’ll be in good shape for riding around durham in no time.

I looked around online for bike guides and models. I’ve discovered bikes I had no idea existed. Some fantastic things.

There are a number of companies that specialize in making comfortable bikes that are intended for daily use commuting or traveling around town. Examples: biria, breezer.

The biria bikes are the most impressive I think b/c of the change in the design. The step-through design for getting on the bike is remarkably compelling vs the sling-your-leg-over style I grew up around. I could definitely see the advantage of such a design. This area is extremely hot in the summer to make riding a bike simple year-round but spring, fall and parts of winter should be very do-able.

I’d like to know what other places in the world are very bike-able in terms of terrain, climate and the cultural/municipal hospitality to bicyclists. I guess I’m asking the LazyWeb for help.


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